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exëvo is a unique global supplier of innovative data management and analytics solutions to the client is an integral part of the strategy to address integration and analysis of complex research data. ...

end to end research
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End-to-End Research

We provide end-to-end Global Panel, Primary and Business Research, Survey Programming, Data Analysis/Coding and Interactive Survey Solutions. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure facility enables us to provide best-in-class results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Global Panel

exëvo actively manages and maintains a global panel of over 300,000 business and IT professionals. As a result, we offer high quality CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews) interviews at the same speed and price as an online panel.

Primary Research

Our extensive experience in market research data collection combined with use of the latest survey technologies enables us to deliver best-in-class reports. We leverage our offshore-based delivery model to provide our clients with solutions that are both scalable and cost-effective.

Primary Research Data Collection -

  • Phone Based
  • Desk Based
  • Mail Based
  • Panel Based
  • Face to face

Data Entry -

  • Survey Data Entry
  • Data Cleaning
  • Document Scanning
  • Forum Processing

Survey Programming

exëvo’s survey programming team scripts over 10,000 surveys each year. Our expertise in market research survey programming and in–depth knowledge of various CATI and survey programming tools have enabled us to deliver a wide range of industry-leading online market research surveys.

Interactive Survey Solutions

exëvo is a unique global supplier of innovative and interactive survey solutions. Our Interactive survey solutions enable a client to prepare a customized yet intuitive presentation questionnaire in a traditional layout that can easily be assembled to suit a researcher’s specific needs. Even complex surveys can be deployed extremely quickly due to the use of an integrated, interactive programming environment.

Data Analysis/Coding

exëvo has extensive experience in data processing and analysis enabling our clients to gain valuable insights from our analytical solutions. Our dedicated client support model services many leading companies worldwide. Our data processing expertise includes various domains and functions, including Automotives, Banking and Financial Services, Information Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, and Human Resources.

Verbatim Coding

exëvo has extensive experience in Verbatim coding. Verbatim responses generate high volumes of valuable (though often overlooked) information and insights, potentially unavailable through close ended responses.

Business Research

exëvo provides expert analytical advice and dedicated support services to deliver bespoke business research projects to its clients. Business research enables our clients to improve their planning and decision making processes, for both existing business lines and new ventures. Business research team clients include professional service businesses, consultancy companies, research firms and target industry segments. We help client firms access an offshore talent pool, enabling them to benefit from greater scale and a more diverse skill set. Our business research expertise includes most major sectors and geographical markets.

Market Intelligence

exëvo follows a meticulous approach to market research and market intelligence based on obtaining and evaluating detailed information concerning our clients, their competitors and industry. Such insights enable us to identify and evaluate marketing problems and opportunities, as well as the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

When businesses consider entering new markets, they seek to understand their prevailing dynamics and drivers. exëvo’s market research provides businesses with a reliable basis for decision-making.

Expert Interviews

exëvo interviews difficult to reach target ‘C’ class audiences in the B2B segment. We relish access to ‘C’ level executives and those reporting directly to them in several large organizations including Fortune 1000 companies.

Dashboard & Reporting Solutions

Data is useless when it’s spread throughout your organization in emails, sitting in disparate systems, or trapped in Excel sheets and antiquated databases. An integrated Business Intelligence solution is about getting the information you need in the right format to the right people at the right time. It’s a set of applications and technologies designed to gather, store, analyze and deliver data. And it empowers every employee – from senior executives, to analysts, to business unit managers, to front-line staff – by supplying them with vital information so they can work better, faster and smarter.

Project Management

exëvo operates effective, fully client-integrated project management and quality assurance procedures, ensuring consistency, accuracy and time-sensitivity, all key components of our delivery process. The entire procedure is subject to a rigorous, multi-layered quality checking process, ensuring highest quality standards are maintained throughout the project cycle.

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